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Experienced professional skilled in Digital Marketing, Data Analysis, and Hospitality, known for merging corporate discipline with entrepreneurial innovation to propel success across various sectors. Notable achievements include overseeing multiple million in business contracts and driving significant sales growth through digital marketing initiatives. Demonstrated track record of delivering results and contributing to impactful projects, including collaborations with the NSW government as an influencer and serving as the Australian brand ambassador for Sydney Duty Free. Effective communicator and collaborative team player dedicated to excellence.

My career is characterized by a blend of corporate discipline and entrepreneurial innovation, driving success and growth in every role I’ve undertaken. My expertise spans several key areas:

  • As a Digital Marketing Specialist, I've led innovative digital media strategies at and, driving impressive sales boosts of 30-40%.

  • My expertise in Data Analysis and Supply Chain Management has seen me managing multimillion-dollar business contracts, optimizing outcomes for companies like and Pure Australia.

  • Digital Marketing & E-commerce Coach: As a coach at Geosang School, I have been dedicated to sharing my expertise in digital marketing and e-commerce. I've offered tailored teaching programs globally to 17 countries via online platforms and to over 90 small and medium-sized businesses in Australia. These efforts have included projects with the NSW government and invitations from global entities like World Okta. Since 2019, I've actively contributed to the growth and advancement of industry professionals.

  • Influencer, Content Creator, Show host & Live Commerce Sales: Influencer, Content Creator, Show Host & Live Commerce Sales: Promoting cultural and regional engagement as an influencer based in Sydney. Serving as the Australian brand ambassador for Sydney Duty Free, I conduct live streaming sales, reaching up to 18,000 AUD per session by myself. Additionally, I have been involved in the Eastwood NSW Korea Town Project as an influencer and show host. Instagram: @ellie_hoju


  • Journalist: Covering industry trends and insights for “Monthly Business Magazines”

              in Australia since 2023.


  • Global Marketing and Networking committee: Advanced international marketing and networking skills through roles with the Korean Women's International Network and the World Federation of Overseas Korean Traders Associations (World -OKTA)


  • Hospitality Industry, Sydney Australia - Since 2005, I have gained hands-on experience in the hospitality sector, undertaking roles such as Chef, catering planner, and concept planner with lading F&B groups. Managing over 10,000 recipes, I've also provided extensive consulting services in commercial business, specializing in costing and pricing to achieve substantial cost savings of 20-30%. Additionally, I've cultivated a strong understanding of service excellence and operations management.

Thanks for dropping by, and I can't wait to share more of this exciting journey with you!


Instagram: @ellie_hoju (DM)

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